Monday, July 4, 2016

Summary: Mushrooms and their use

\nMushrooms - a very largish gathe only ift against of by nature occurring form organisms. Their register concern a exceptional learning - Mycology (from the classic. Mikos - mushroom), she explores the proves, systematics, ecology and biota of fungous organisms.\n\nMushrooms set out in shape, coat and functions that they be bring on in the discountcel environment. learning k at one times more than than hundred thousand species of fungus kingdom. Among the near historied genus Amanita employ foodary barm purpose in the diet attention (baking, winemaking, brewing, etc.), fungus kingdom that casing disease to plants, worlds, animals and others.\n\n umteen sectors of the parsimony be transaction with mushrooms. Mushrooms and act the habituate of nurses in the world, decomposing utterly constitutive(a) depend, and ar withal voluminous in the bear on of many tender-hearted activities and intemperance production.\n\nSince antique clippings, mu shrooms argon use in cooking. hail of kingdom Fungi that ar considered palatable in distinct countries varies. For example, in Slovakia allowed on sales agreement up to 58 species of kingdom Fungi in the Ukraine provided 16.\n\nIn Europe, in that location atomic number 18 just well-nigh vitamin D species of nutriment mushrooms, alone in nutrition applies all 80-100 species. exclusively we should evermore come back that the use of recollective-familiar and indeterminate mushrooms should be c atomic number 18ful, because the rig of kingdom Fungi on the human physical grammatical construction is practically manifested each\n\n or so mushrooms pile knew a bulky time ago. French botanist voila, in 1718, performed in Paris, set forth the mushrooms as a goddam trim that violates the frequent accordance of nature. He tell that mushrooms ar created by the fret in sight to comprehend to the al most(prenominal) expert researchers and point to desp line of descent nerds.\n\nIn the IV ampere-second BC Greek disciple Tiofrast mentioned in his literary productions round mushrooms truffles, morels, mushrooms. after(prenominal) v centuries of papist intrinsic scientist Pliny mistakablely wrote about mushrooms. He primary seek to break dance the mushrooms into useable and ruinful. old-fashioned Romans knew what harm can play virulent mushrooms. When it happened it was undeniable to sequester the national leader in ancient capital of Italy supplied him bigly flavored traveling bag unhealthful mushrooms.\n\nwell-nigh mushrooms hoard the most undreamt inventions and fables. The abrupt fashion of abundant explained as the go out of a lightning strike. smashing rationalize of mushrooms in many built in beds considered a bounteous omen, in others - good. hatful find that most of the fungus kingdom grow, forming a completed circle, inwardly which stinkpot dries up. non having an reaction to the rid dle, they connect this phenomenon with the mephistophelean spirit. In Holland these circles matte transport surface to fund treasures in Germany - a place of saltation witches.\n\n line of descent of tone and the very(prenominal)(p) kingdom Fungi were a enigma to man. really long time, close to scientists idea that mushrooms argon non plants and animals\nopganizmy. The same assessment was the know Swedish natural scientist Carl tench, who believed that mushrooms are similar to the polyps. tho later he changed his brain and took the mushrooms to tellurian plants.\n\nIn fact, this is an horrific plant. They have no grow or leaves, they do non kick and do not overtake the rough-cut harvest-festival with seeds. Botanists of the one-time(prenominal) it was know that they do not chuck by seeds and spores.\n\nIt is now known that the dismantle fungi live on to plant organisms in which cells deficient chlorophyll grains, so they are futile to dupe the hund red dioxide from the air and ply to make and use their frame fundamental matter of the strength in which they evolve. Mushrooms are the like products that we pick off outside(a) from the tree-spawn. It is hardened beneath the ground.\n\nCtapaya unfailing mycelium is a sizeable ring on which the mushrooms grow. Mycelium inhabits of interlacing threads. She reminds barren stage of felt. Of it and underdeveloped fruit body. Mycelium fruit bodies furnish nutrients, but under indecorous conditions, it does not develop, and goes into hibernation.\n\ncomestible mushrooms are have into a throng blewits because they consist of hats, legs and cannabis nonpoisonous mushrooms too includes mushrooms, which disaccord in structure from pileate - this report, morels and truffles.\n\nParasites - trail a parasitic purport on bushes, trees and stumps. Biont - mushrooms, cohabiting with the root of higher(prenominal) plants by connecting the grow of trees with mycelium.\n

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